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About – Matteo Raeli Noto





—Our Institution was set up in 1897,so  it is more than one century old.

It is one of the first secondary school in our area, the south east part of Siracusa province . Since then, it has kept up its  high reputation  for training hundreds of  students who successfully  have become  part of the  local ruling class or important professionals  both men and women.

—Its prestige  is  symbolically highlighted by the building which has hosted this school from the very beginning, it was  a  Jesuite monastery, placed in the  city centre of Noto.



Our school is  one  of the numerous  local monuments, which are part of  UNESCO Heritage.

—For this reason  it is very usual for us to see tourists popping in our school  courtyard every day,  as they are attracted by its fine  architecture.  If you would like to get an idea, have a look: http://youtu.be/A1T-B-qcOhM


—Our Headmasters and  the management  Board since the very beginning have been keen on experimentation of the newest methodologies and teaching- learning practices, on encouraging the teachers to  face challenges in order to  have always up- to -date staff and curriculum.

—This attitude  and dedication  on the management staff and on the teachers part has let this school  to offer our students the necessary skills and competences:

—  – to cope with the real world at national and international level;

—  – to become citizens with a strong awareness of the   democratic values  and legality.

—  – to let students feel active part of the E.U. Community.

Our Learning &  education is  respectfull of the european dimension

Our Education  is in Compliance with  eight key competences  of  Lisbon objectives:

Communication in the mother tongue;

Communication in the foreign languages;

Mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology;

Digital competence;

Learning to learn.

—  Interpersonal, intercultural and social competences and civic   competence;

—  Entrepreneurship;

—  Cultural Expression

European  Programmes  Partecipation:


 We have  been engaged in running   L.L.L. programme – Comenius .
from 2003 to 2012.  We have worked with several european schools within Comenius programme .  Our partners have been   from Sweden, Holland, France , Turkey, Iceland, Poland, Denmark, Austria .

Thanks to these valuable experiences we have  been able  to  improve   ourselves as teachers, our comunicative skills, our methodologies and Know-how. Our students have acquired great benefits from  transnational  exchanges and  have become more mature and  more european  in their attitudes and mentality.

Our institution website is: http://www.istitutoraelinoto.it/

Our Institution is “ open “ and  cooperating with  some  local associations, particularly with the  U3A : University of the Third Age. This cooperation started some years ago by  giving support to this no-profit associations  in several ways: offering  ICT courses and  letting their members using our school premises  and our  computer room for their members learning, as well as for their meetings .

 Some Information about The U3A :



Third Age’ refers to the later  years of life, after work and family responsibilities have lessened.

—  U3A  philosophy is that  of  older people getting together to teach  and learn and share their wisdom, just for the  satisfaction that it brings .

—  No qualifications  are needed for joining and no certificates or  accreditations are awarded.

—  U3A members   run entirely the association,  choose their  own courses and activities  as decided by a committee  elected annually by their members.

—  There is a President

—  It  is independent and autonomous.

—  Nobody gets paid.

U3A  History

—  The first U3A  started in Tolosa in 1973.

—  Then a group of volunteers from Turin set up the first university  of the third age in Italy, which inspired to the Medieval age model rather than the French Model.

—  Nowadays there 320 U3A groups both  from the north to the south of Italy  as well as all over the world.

—   The U3A in Noto started in 1991.  Mr Castello Francesco was  the founder and he has been the  President since then.

Some activities  run at U3A in Noto:

  • ICT courses for adults and members
  • U3A    Choir
  • Painting workshops
  • Physical Education  classes for adults
  • Drama classes  as amateurs.


—  Since   2010  the U3A  in Noto  has set  up  new objectives that can be achieved by having access  to  the help of other institutions such us schools and local authorities. Its  objectives are:

1)  help its members to learn a foreign language  and acquire communicative skills through the use of multimedia.

—  2) improve contacts between different generations and ensure that both the  young people  and the  senior citizens  can benefit from these contacts

3) reduce  prejudice between the groups by  promoting  intergenerational and multicultural  respect and solidarity.


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