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http://www.iik.de http://www.mig-komm.eu http://www.imed-komm.eu

IIK Institut für Interkulturelle Kommunikation e.V.

See also WIKIPEDIA: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Institut_f%C3%BCr_Interkulturelle_KommunikationOrganization InfoThe Institute for Intercultural Communication (IIK) as a nonprofit organization, is committed to promoting international education and research.  This is achieved using a variety of different techniques and modes of communication including:Language CoursesThese courses are aimed at teaching language as it is currently spoken and written in every-day life and in professional working life.  The courses also include a range of cultural studies topics to facilitate students’ understanding of regional variation and recent cultural, economic and political developments in the country concerned.  Instructors use a range of up-to-date, “state of the art” teaching materials and tailor both their teaching methods and the course curriculum to suit the specific needs of their clients.Teacher Training and Professional Staff Development (Continuing Education)IIK is heavily involved in the training and further professional development of language teachers and teachers of technology. It also provides courses in the fields of linguistics, didactics and regional studies for teachers teaching German.Furthermore, the knowledge, skills and expertise gained through the production and application of multimedia software at IIK is consistently fed back to the IIK learning centers where it is used to develop the course curriculum and teaching methodologies for both teacher training and language tuition.The IIK team is aware of the importance of training teachers in how to use the latest interactive media systems so that they will be able to advise their students and colleagues on the selection of appropriate software and its application.  Since 1994, IIK has therefore regularly held workshops on the use of multimedia and intercultural communication in schools, universities and companies and has hosted international conferences. The results are published in several  books, e.g. „Fremdsprachenlernen und interaktive Medien“, “Werbekommunikation im Wandel” and “Interkulturelle Kommunikation in Wirtschaft und Fremdsprachenunterricht”, Theorie und Praxis des DaF-DaZ-Unterrichts heute“ at Peter Lang Publishing house (www.peterlang.de).Development and Application of Interactive Media SoftwareIIK is also involved in the development and application of interactive multi-media and video software.  The team at IIK have put together an extensive monograph entitled “Multimedia – eine neue Herausforderung für den Sprachunterricht” which contains both methodological instructions for the generation of new multimedia software and suggestions for the use of interactive media in language instruction, general education, economics and trade.Field work coordinated and implemented by the team at IIK within the framework of an EU LINGUA project, analyzed the need for small and medium sized businesses in Germany, Denmark, France and Spain to learn more foreign languages.  These studies formed the basis of the first CD ROM produced by IIK, and although specifically designed to teach clients business German, the model has been used to produce other CD ROMs to teach business French, Spanish, Danish and Italian. Altogether IIK has produced more than a dozen CD-ROMs for language learning, crosscultural marketing, and it offers E-Learning on its website www.iik.deTraining for Management Personnel and Vocational Training for CompanyEmployeesThe use of interactive media also forms an integral part of IIK’s vocational training programme.  In collaboration with the Agentur für Arbeit and with the support of the European Social Fund, IIK runs qualified vocational training and retraining courses for the resettlement of German people returning from Eastern Europe and for young, underprivileged people, training both target groups to adapt to meet the demands of the market economy.  Within this context, the focus of training for these two target groups involves general academic education and vocational training for the service sector and tourism.Cultural and Language Excursions for Foreign VisitorsThe IIK has recently offered cultural and language excursions for adults, young people and children in Berlin/Brandenburg and along the Klassikerstrasse in Thuringia and the Romantikerstraße and Burgenstraße in Bavaria.  The IIK is also involved in organizing youth exchanges between Germany and Northern Europe within the framework of the EU funded SOCRATES Programme and was coordinating the exchange between schools from Oskarshamn (Sweden), Jyväskyla (Finland), Berlin and Jena (Germany).The IIK has centers in Bavaria, Berlin and Thuringia (Germany) and employs a wide range of occupational members including professors, lecturers, journalists and public figures playing key roles in education, the media and the economy.


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